What is consulting? In other words, it can be said, advising for a client, and setting tasks for professionals. In this sense, engineering consulting does not differ from the classical one and it represents control and coordination of all specialists involved in the project.

My role in this process consists in uniting all the responsible people who are involved in implementation of the system, setting tasks, monitoring their work at each stage. In such way I provide a personal support for the project in different areas – construction, architecture, design, etc.

Why do you need the engineering consulting?

Why do you need the engineering consulting?

Construction and home improvement is a long and time-consuming process. And I can perfectly imagine what issues the customer is going through. His goal is to create comfortable and favorable living conditions for his family, to maximize the healthy atmosphere in the house with the help of climatic equipment and engineering systems.This ultimate goal is clear to me, and the client does not ask for anything extraordinary.

Consulting services are professional recommendations for clients, assistance in building a house in terms of finished structures, namely: what materials are better to build from, what kind of double-glazed windows to use, how to insulate the foundation. Such calculations help to use the most appropriate systems, materials and approaches while building a house.

All my offers are aimed at the architecture of construction, so that the implemented engineering systems on the site are maximally effective. In a house with incorrect insulation, the efficiency of the heating system vanishes. If to take into account all recommendations at the stage of designing, it will help to avoid errors, and, consequently, any unjustified waste of time and money in the future. After all, in the end, that is what my client asks for.

I tell you so much about this, because, first of all, I understand the pain of the client in such circumstances, and secondly, often clients are not able to calculate in advance all risks in the construction and arrangement of the house. And my goal is not only to help assess the situation, analyzing the work already done, but also to coordinate the actions of all specialists for the future.

How to start building a house?

What kind of private or country house should it be? What materials will it be built from? How to make it integral, combining both appearance and internal engineering communications? And, perhaps, the most important question is the budget. From my own long working experience, I can say that everything starts with project documentation.

While working with engineers on the house development, we advise the team on the following aspects: where the ducts should run, where the best position for load-bearing walls is, in order to lay a place for communication, ducts, etc. As a result, the client receives a competent combination of engineering solutions for ventilation, air-conditioning, heating systems with the construction of the building itself. All actions on our part are aimed at minimizing the costs of manufacturing materials for the implementation of engineering systems in the future. Therefore, the answer to the question “how to start building a house” will be – it always starts with a project. And the key to the success of the implementation of the entire construction will be only a competently verified calculations, made not only for the building itself, but also for the future internal communications.

What is a passive house?

A passive house or, in other words, an energy-saving house. An important feature of such building is the lack of heating in the winter period of time, and cooling – in the summer. To build such an energy-efficient house in our latitudes is not a trivial task, and architectural tricks are the ones that will help here. But in order to apply them you need a solid practical experience and a clear understanding of all the aspects. Basic methods used in the construction of the passive house, which can reduce the cost of heating and cooling the building, are:

  • reduction of the area of enclosing structures;
  • high-quality materials – windows, walls, roofing;
  • division of the house into zones: warm and cold;
  • small and simple form of the house.

Our task is to provide the customer with all possible solutions, implementation of which, in the future, will significantly reduce the amount of consuming energy. Constructive solutions are calculated according to the current State Building Standards.

Construction of energy efficient houses

As far as my sphere of work is more or less connected with construction, I want to draw your attention to one more trend. Nowadays, the practice of building large houses with an area of 700-800 m2 gives way to compact small houses of the total area up to 300 m2. It can be explained with a reorientation of users on saving energy. A small house does not mean inefficient. Vice versa. My part in this process is connected with matters of quality design. Recommendations for materials and their durability, minimum costs for heating and cooling the building. All these wishes and decisions are accompanied by calculations and shown in the financial report.



How does consulting work?

How does consulting work?

I have already identified the main areas where the client can involve me for consultations. But there are still points I want to highlight:

  • plumbing;
  • architectural works;
  • design;
  • Smart House technology

Plumbing.We involve our specialist for deep system analysis, he consults on the choice of a particular equipment, analyzes the points of water extraction, pipeline diameters and, in general, the consistency of the operation of water supply and sewerage with other engineering systems. Also, consulting may be needed for those customers who have just started implementing water supply and sewerage systems. Prepare project-related documentation, articulate the tasks to the installation team and monitor the progress of implementation, so the client can forget about all these aspects and transfer their implementation under my personal responsibility.

Architectural worksconsist in consulting the most diverse ideas and fantasies of the client. The customer articulates us his vision of the future house – starting from the foundation, the number of floors, the size of the windows, etc. Even the most sophisticated idea with the help of our consultation can turn into a real architectural project. We precisely analyze the location of the house, all the shortcomings and advantages of building on this particulate site. Construction crews that work on the object must have clear schemes of the design in order to correctly embody the whole idea.

Interior design. As a rule, under the interior design we understand the color of the walls, selected furniture etc. In our case, design is also an opportunity to qualitatively integrate the ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, water supply and other systems into the interior of the rooms. Ideally, the project of engineering systems is always correlated with the interior design decisions. If you want to get advice on the implementation of engineering communications, without violating the style of interior decoration that you have chosen, if you want to establish control and interaction of installers with designers, you should definitely contact us.

Smart House technology. When designing and planning a house, every client, more or less, imagines the final result. If he initially wants to connect the technology Smart House to the management of all engineering systems, then we select the appropriate equipment right in the process of project development. But there are cases when all the systems are already installed in the house, but the customer wants to arrange the parameters of the microclimate through the Smart House technology, then our consultation in this direction will help you to select the appropriate system, to set up work and to get detailed instructions for its further operation.

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Commissioning of an object with implementation of climate systems in a private house (cottage town Green Hills)
Engineering systems in a private house. Cottage town Zoloche
Implementation of heating, water supply and sewerage in the private house (Zeleniy Bor)
Implementation of ventilation and air conditioning in a private house (Brovary)