Implementation of the full set of engineering systems at the facility in the cottage complex Green Hills (Vita-Postal, Kiev)

Implementation of the full set of engineering systems at the facility in the cottage complex Green Hills (Vita-Postal, Kiev)
We received an order for design and installation of engineering systems at the facility, including ventilation and air-conditioning systems, steam humidification system, and an energy efficient heating and hot water supply system in a cottage.
Characteristics of the object:
  • Address: 5, v. Vita-Postal, Kiev region, Ukraine.
  • Total area – 280 m2
  • 2-storey cottage.
What we aimed for was:

    In terms of ventilation, air conditioning and steam humidification systems:

    • To create optimal microclimate conditions in all rooms;
    • To design systems for the implementation of zone conditioning and ventilation;
    • To use equipment of a channel type for the air-conditioning system;
    • To maintain the comfortable humidity level (45-55%);
    • To ensure that all equipment used is hidden in the technical room.
    • In terms of heating and hat water supply:

    • To provide energy efficient heating and hot water supply system

What we got in a result

What we got in a result

Ventilation system

Our team decided to implement ventilation of general exchange type. This method of air exchange allows to create the same conditions and parameters of the air climate in the whole house. It was organized on the basis of the following equipment:
– supply and exhaust unit with heat recuperation of the German brand Maico.
– axial fan of the Spanish brand Soler & Palau.

The Maico WS 470 KB air handling unit with a heat recovery of 96%. This is a productive and efficient German equipment. Two EC-motors provide air exchange. Also, the unit contains two filters for water purification – G4 and F6. The ventilation equipment used at the facility is characterized by low noise characteristics and low level of energy consumption.
The air ducts were laid in the suspended ceiling zone thus the ventilation system is hidden as much as possible.

For garage ventilation, we used a channel fan of the Spanish brand Soler & Palau – TD-350/125 Silent T.
Soler & Palau TD-350/125 Silent T is used for installation in circular air ducts. The multi-layered housing design helps to reduce vibration and noise level during operation. A reliable motor protects the device from temperature fluctuations, it is also waterproof.

Air conditioning system

To ensure a comfortable air temperature in a house with a big area, it was decided to use the equipment of the Japanese brand Daikin. Multi-split system Daikin 5MXS90E with low-pressure indoor units of channel type FDXS25F and wall-mounted unit FTXS25K, as well as one indoor unit Daikin FDXS60F / RXS60L cope with all the tasks for ensuring a comfortable indoor climate. The air conditioning system, as it was requested by the customer, was organized on the basis of channel equipment.

Daikin FTXS25K is a wall-mounted air conditioner with a built-in dual-zone motion sensor that monitors the location of people and with no people in the room it switches the split-system into sleep mode. Such an innovation allows to save energy significantly. It provides low noise operation, in night mode up to 19 dB.

Daikin FDXS60F / RXS60L is a low-pressure split-system of wall type which is popular among climatic equipment that is usually installed in cottages, apartments, offices. The indoor unit is hidden in the ceiling area, which visually does not spoil the interior of the rooms. The system has an automatic control of the operating modes and allows to provide control from a computer or smartphone thanks to the built-in online controller.

Steam humidification system

Humidity control is mainly required during the winter period. The following device was used:
– steam humidifier of the Swiss brand Condair.
The humidifier Condair CP3 mini PD4 perfectly copes with the control of humidity level and uses domestic water. The entire process of humidification is carried out through the air supply duct.

All the equipment for the implementation of systems at this facility, is installed in a technical room. Thus, the space in the residential areas is optimized and the entire devices are hidden for aesthetic reasons.

Heating and hot water supply systems

To design an energy efficient heating and hot water supply system at the facility, we decided to use the following equipment:
– condensing boiler of the German brand Viessmann;
– collectors for water heating Vitosol of the German brand Viessmann;
– radiators of the German brand Kermi;
– floor convectors of the German brand Kampmann;
– seamless pipes of the Finnish company Uponor.

Our choice fell on the condensing boiler Viessmann Vitodens 200-W (power capacity – 26 kW) due to the fact that this unit is equipped with weather-compensated regulator. With this sensor, the boiler is able to regulate the temperature (raise/lower) at the entrance to the heating system, based on the outdoor temperature conditions. Thus, the system allows to save gas significantly. The boiler was installed in a special boiler room.

For the water heating, we have chosen two Vitosol 200-FM SV2F collectors. They absolutely meet the requirements of the customer in hot water supply during summer period and sunny weather.

Vitosol 200-FM SV2F are collectors for water heating with absorber on ThermProtect technology, which reliably protects the collector from overheating and coolant boiling. It helps to significantly save energy consumption for hot water supply.

Our team has alsochosen Kermi radiators, Kampmann floor convectors and floor heating made of cross-linked polyethylene.

The warm floor was designed as the main and comfortable source of heat. The total area of the warm floor at this facility is 200 m2. The heating system was arranged in such a way that, at an outside temperature down to -7 degrees, floor heating provides a comfortable temperature, if there is a lower temperature drop outside, then the radiators turn on and quickly and inertly bring the overall air temperature in the cottage to a comfortable one.

Since in the future there is an intention to install a heat pump on the site, the heating system was designed as a low-temperature one.

Main equipment

Main equipment

Time frames

Time frames


Installation of engineering systems in the cottage in Green Hills (based on Maico WS 470 KB and Daikin 5MXS90 + FDXS60F)
Heating, water supply, sewerage and water treatment systems at the Green Hills facility on the basis of Viessmann
Final touches on the object with the implementation of climate systems in the cottage town Green Hills
Review of a private house with implementation of ventilation, conditioning and steam humidification systems