Implementation of engineering systems in a two-level apartment in the residential complex Almond Apartments, Hatne village, Ukraine.

Implementation of engineering systems in a two-level apartment in the residential complex Almond Apartments, Hatne village, Ukraine.
Review of the implementation of engineering systems in a 90 m² two-level apartment in the residential complex Almond Apartments. Ventilation is based on Maico WS, air conditioning is based on Daikin. Heating is provided with warm floors system and a gas boiler. The installation of water supply and sewerage systems.
Characteristics of the object:
  • Address: 12, Abrikosovaya street, residential complex Almond Apartments, Hatne village, Ukraine
  • Two-level apartment
  • Total area is 90 m2.
What we aimed for was:
  • To install all the basic engineering systems: ventilation, heating, air conditioning, sewerage and water supply;
  • To ensure full circulation of air and maintain a comfortable temperature in the rooms;
  • To install the equipment for air exchange in the most hidden and safe way possible;
  • To perform the correct heat engineering calculation of the apartment;
  • To select the suitable equipment for heating and air conditioning, which will correlate with the calculated data;
  • To choose appropriate radiators which will provide the normalization of temperature;
  • To design a “warm floor” system, taking into account the heat engineering calculations;
  • To install sewage and water supply systems in correspondence to all established standards.

What we got in a result

What we got in a result

Ventilation system

In order to guarantee the necessary air exchange in all rooms, we decided to choose a supply and exhaust unit Maico WS 320 KB.

We placed an air-handling unit above the stairs without occupying any living space. Despite the compact dimensions of the equipment, this system shows high productivity. The German manufacturer guarantees a durability of work, and an economical operation thanks to the built-in recuperator. With the help of a recuperative unit, the energy of the treated air does not just escape to the outside, but it ensures heating of the incoming air. This engineering decision takes on a part of work of the heating system.

Due to the fact that the apartment is located on the last floor, our installers had the opportunity to “hide” air ducts in the attic, without affecting the space of the apartment. Thus, we have fulfilled the client’s requirements regarding the concealed installation of ventilation equipment. All air ducts were insulated with Isover insulation “SAUNA”.

The entire ventilation system was designed according to the standard scheme. The exhaust air is taken from “dirty” areas: kitchen and bathrooms. In addition, in the kitchen, we have installed the fan element for removing any unpleasant odors. It was located in a recirculation grate. In turn, the supply of fresh air is provided to the “clean” zones: the living room and bedrooms.

On the terrace we installed a grate for ventilation Combi with a combined structure, to which we connected all the air ducts. It carries through air exhaust and supply. To maintain the integrity of the walls, all the holes were made according to the parameters of the vent adapter.

Additional equipment:

  • Ventilation grate Combi. It is designed for air distribution, not mixing its different flows. Due to the material, it can be placed on the outer wall of the room.
  • Recycle grating. It is a ventilation element intended for air intake. For greater convenience, the horizontal plates are located at an angle of 45°.

Air conditioning system

In order to realize our conditioning project, we decided to install a multi-split system Daikin. The choice of an outdoor unit fell on the model 3MXS68G. Taking into consideration all the wishes of the client, we installed 3 internal channel-type units, from the FDXS series. They were mounted in such a way that the air is distributed according to the following system:

  • in the living room – 1 block FDXS35E type, with a capacity of 3.5 kW;
  • in two bedrooms – 2 blocks FDXS25E type, with a capacity of 2.5 kW.

For easing the control of the air-conditioning system, the control panels were located in accordance with the requirements of the owner.

The supply of clean air and its further recirculation is carried out from the opposite sides of the apartment, with the help of a front-end grate. This solution fully met the customer’s desires, as it did not require a reduction in the ceiling in these areas. To ensure sound insulation in the system, the ducts were isolated with Penofol.

Heating system

A gas boiler Protherm, with a capacity of 24 kW was already installed in the apartment. Further implementation consisted in the installation of equipment for heat distribution: radiators and the “warm floor” system. Taking into account the requests of the customer, we arranged the system in such a way that the optimum temperature on the floor surface does not exceed 26 °C.

But in the winter period, warm floor system is not fully able to provide the necessary heat in the rooms. To maintain the proper temperature, we have additionally installed radiators that fully distribute heat from the boiler to the rooms.

All the heating system distribution was realized using PE-Xa Uponor pipes. On the radiators and underfloor heating system, we installed a distribution comb, which will provide an equal distribution of water in the system. Moreover, we installed air vents in the warm floor system, which is located on the second floor. They have eliminated the problem of air removal.

Water supply and sewerage

The supply of clean water, without any mechanical impurities, is provided with the help of the installed Honeywell filter with a pressure regulator. We have placed it on the pipeline, which supplies cold water to the apartment.

To ensure the absence of various leaks in the equipment, we installed the Neptune system. With the prospect of implementation of water purification system, we installed a bypass system.

Additional equipment:

  • – PE-Xa pipes Uponor are intended for cold or hot water supply. Due to the type of the material, oxygen does not enter the system and thus it guarantees a long period of operation, without mechanical damages;
  • – Distribution comb is a highly required part in the heating and water supply system. Promotes an equal distribution of water at final destination points;
  • – Honeywell filter. The German manufacturer guarantees the maximum filtration of incoming water from mechanical particles. Impurities do not settle in the system, but merge with a conventional tap;
  • – The Neptune system. If leakage occurs, it guarantees full safety by blocking the water supply. Protects against flooding and subsequent damage;
  • – Bypass system. Allows the water treatment system to work more efficiently and safely.

Main equipment

Main equipment

Time frames

Time frames


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