Overview of split and
multi-split systems

Overview of split and
multi-split systems
Engineering air conditioning systems are designed to provide comfort microclimate at home, in the office or other premises. Many people believe that air conditioners are designed only for cooling the room, but this is not exactly so.
Apart from the temperature control, the system can also maintain optimal air humidity level, proper distribution of air flow, and some models can even provide ionization. Internal blocks are the ones that can have all these options, but we will talk about them a bit later.

Now let’s take a look at what split and multi-split air conditioning systems are and what modifications they can have.

What are split and multi-split systems?

What are split and multi-split systems?

Overview of split and multi-split systems for air conditioning

The whole system presents a climate control unit that is responsible for creating a favorable indoor climate, by maintaining a comfortable temperature and proper air quality in rooms. Depending on the type, they can cover one or several rooms at the same time. Taking into account requests of the residents and characteristics of the object, the installations are divided into Split and Multi-split systems. The split system constructively consists of one outdoor and one indoor unit.. Between themselves, these units are joined by a line of insulated pipes, where freon moves. Most often spit systems are installed in small premises or for each room separately. A multi-split system differs only in the number of indoor units – there can be from 2 to 5 of them,, while the outdoor one remains alone. The peculiarity of such system is that the temperature of the supplied air will be the same everywhere. It is impossible to heat one room, while cooling another.

Specifications of the components of split and multi-split air conditioning systems

An external unit of the system can be of two types: inverter and non-inverter. An advantage of the inverter air conditioner is the ability to change the rotation speed of the compressor engine. Thus, the control unit converts alternating current into direct current, which will further help to significantly save electricity. Thanks to the inverting process, such air conditioners are considered economical and more accurately maintain temperature indices than air conditioners with a conventional compressor.

The internal unit is evaporative and can also have several modifications, depending on the location and purpose:

  • Wall mounted. From the name, we can understand where this type of the indoor unit is usually located. They are used more often than other kinds due to their silent operation and many additional functions. They come in a wide range of colors, so you can choose the one that perfectly fits into the interior design of the room.
  • Channel or duct mounted. This type of conditioners is used in areas with a unique design solution that cannot be changed. Thanks to the hidden installation, the unit absolutely naturally fits into the interior and remains almost invisible to others. By means of adjustable blinds it is possible to change the direction of the supplied air. For their installation it is necessary to carry out air ducts, which are most often located in a suspended ceiling. It is recommended to install the system before starting renovation works. Installation can be either in the ceiling or in the wall.
  • Cassette. Such air conditioners are very similar in their specifications to the channel ones, the only difference is that their installation is possible only in the suspended ceiling. Due to the fact that they supply air in four directions, such blocks provide an equal distribution of air throughout the room and can be used in large areas without reducing its effectiveness.
Wall mounted air conditioning,Channel mounted air conditioning
  • Ceiling. They are similar to the wall-mounted conditioners, only the installation is carried out on the ceiling. Most often this type is used in industrial premises with an area of 150 m² and more – cafes, restaurants, offices, shopping centers, cinemas, etc.
  • Portable. Such conditioners are very comfortable due to their compact size and the ability to move around the room. Installation is not necessary; the only requirement is to provide the removal of the drainage hose outside.
  • Floor or ceiling mounted. These air conditioners are installed along the wall on the floor or on the ceiling. Air distribution results to be parallel to the wall or the ceiling, respectively.
Ceiling conditioner, Floor or ceiling mounted conditioner

All indoor units are located in such way that the air is not directly supplied to the rest area or workplace. They work almost silently and have a number of additional functions that are designed to create a comfortable microclimate in the room. Thanks to the internal filters, they can clean the supplied air from any mechanical particles, dust and various allergens. In some models there is a special place for additional filters, each of them has its own features. With the help of moving blinds, the air distribution can be adjusted in the desired direction.

Modern models can control the humidity level of the air and normalize these indicators using the “dehumidification” function (DAIKIN FTYN25L/RYN25L, Cooper&Hunter CH-S09FTXE, Lessar LN/LU-H12KIA2 и т.д.) and “humidification” function (DAIKIN URURU SARARA FTXZ50N/RXZ50N). They also constantly “add” fresh air from the outside, providing the necessary amount of oxygen to the rooms using the “Fresh air intake” function (Daikin FBA50D / RXS50L duct-type air conditioners and Daikin FCQG50F / RXS50L duct-type air conditioners). For greater convenience and economy of electricity, there are several modes of operation of indoor units:

  • nobody is at home/sleep mode;
  • timer;
  • night mode.

You can control and adjust all modes and functions using the remote control, and modern models offer you to do this even from a smartphone through a special application. Indoor units have a removable front panel so that, with further use, cleaning does not bring you any trouble of difficulties.

Incorporated equipment

The right choice of air conditioner or multi-split system is the key to the high quality of work and durability of devices.

The Japanese brand Daikin is known as one of the best manufacturers of air conditioners for many years. It produces both split and multi-split systems, and a big range of indoor units allows you to choose a model that will meet even the most “demanding” requirements. They are designed to work in various areas – from 20 to 140 m². Among the leading models I want to highlight the series of wall-mounted air conditioners FTXS, FTYN, FTXB, as well as channel ones, FBQ and FDXS series. For multi-split systems, I can recommend outdoor units of the AMXM-M, AMX-E-G and MXS series. This manufacturer is so popular due to high performance, quiet operation, a variety of modes and many additional useful features of its equipment.

Mitsubishi is considered one of the most recognizable manufacturers of air conditioners. Its equipment is known for high quality of used materials and long duration of work. There are many models that have a unique design for the most demanding connoisseurs of beauty. They satisfy their customers with the constant updating of air conditioner manufacturing technologies, which leads to an increase in the numbers and improvement of additional functions. Among the model range I want to highlight the channel air conditioners Mitsubishi Electric series SEZ, Classic, Deluxe, Design, MFZ, as well as Mitsubishi Heavy. The manufacturer also provides the Mitsubishi Electric multi-split systems of the MXZ series.

Sakata gives its customers a real quality from a Chinese manufacturer. Technological development in the country is committed to excellence and is reflected on the finished product that is supplied to the whole world. The manufacturer uses a Toshiba brand compressor inside its air conditioners. All models have a number of functions that are designed to ensure comfortable conditions for any person in a room. It is important to know that a real high-quality product can only be bought from an official supplier. I highly recommend you to pay attention to the models Sakata Series Heat Pump Inverter, Classic, Fusion 2, Hikaru Inverter.