MAICO: equipment review

MAICO: equipment review
Climatic equipment is one of the main tools in the process of organizing comfortable indoor conditions. That is why during the selection of equipment we recommend to pay attention not only to design and technical characteristics, but also to the brand manufacturer and its reputation.
MAICO occupies leading positions in the world for many years. The company began its activity in 1928 in Germany and since then has successfully produced a wide range of ventilation equipment. Initially they produced only engines of wide application, which further led to the expansion of the product range. And in 1960, the company produced the millionth fan, and 2000 – the number of fans produced reached 10 million. The brand successfully collaborates with various enterprises, architects and designers.

About the brand MAICO

About the brand MAICO

The company annually produces more than 1,600 products, which include exhaust fans for bathrooms and sanitary facilities, supply and exhaust installations, ventilation systems with heat recovery, as well as various ventilation solutions for hazardous areas. It is worth noting that MAICO always pays special attention to service, namely, consulting clients, supplying spare parts for equipment, etc.

The company constantly adjusts to the needs of the modern market by producing multifunctional, high-quality ventilation equipment. Moreover, the brand has repeatedly received awards for design, which indicates that, apart from efficiency, a client also receives a stylish device that can be combined with any design. Numerous certificates, which the brand has received over many years of work in Germany and in other EU countries, is the best guarantee of quality of their equipment. MAICO has its representative offices in more than 30 countries, which also indicates a high consumer confidence.


Supply and exhaust ventilation units with heat recovery

Supply and exhaust ventilation units with heat recovery are increasingly popular among consumers, which can be easily explained due to their high performance, efficiency and convenient control. Among the MAICO equipment range you can pick up completely different installations, both centralized and decentralized.

Centralized ventilation units with heat recovery MAICO WS 320 KB and MAICO WS 470 KB.

These models occupy the leading positions on the market of climate technology, as far as they are characterized by a perfect match of price and quality. These installations differ only in air flow (320 and 470 m3/h respectively). The “KB” modification means that these units are equipped with a pre-heating calorifier and a bypass. Installation of these units can be done both wall-mounted and vertically. It should be noted that the noise level of the installations is minimal. But this is not the only advantage of the equipment:

  • highly efficient, economical EC motor with automatic adjustment, which runs on ball bearings. This engine rotates two fans and allows you to choose a comfortable level of ventilation from 80 to 320 m3/h;
  • energy-efficient plate-type heat exchanger with a maximum efficiency of 96%. With the help of this unit, the heating system is unloaded by transferring heat from the exhaust air to the incoming air. Thus, it allows to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors on a regular basis;
  • intelligent control which allows the client to adjust the operation of the installation both from the remote control and from his own smartphone. This system helps to have a convenient control and enables the possibility to set up the work of the whole ventilation system by day or by week and select the required mode;
  • high-qualityreliable installation case, which is made of sheet steel. The case is covered with a special powder paint, which will save the device from the negative influence of external factors and corrosion. The coating of the inner walls with heat-resistant polymer EEP ensures sound absorption and thermal insulation;
  • a silent EC motor and a special EEP case coating ensureminimum noise pressure;
  • high-quality air cleaning, thanks to air filters G4 and F7, which do not allow dust, insects and other small particles to enter the air space of the room.


Sample spreadsheet of MAICO WS 320 KB and MAICO WS 470 KB

Specifications MAICO WS 320 KB MAICO WS 470 KB
Max. degree of heat provision (%) 96 96
Connection diameter (mm) 160 160
Air flow volume (m³/h) 80-320 80-470
Power consumption in accordance with DIN EN 13141-7 (A7) (W) 37 87
Housing emission sound pressure level dB(A) 36 42
Weight (kg) 67 67
Imax (A) 11 11,5

So, generally speaking, we can say that MAICO supply and exhaust units are equipped with all the necessary software and hardware to provide the premises with high-quality and high-performance ventilation. The main advantages of these models are: economical engine, silent operation, durable and reliable case, efficient heat exchanger, convenient control and an ideal price-quality ratio.

Decentralized ventilation units MAICO Push Pull 45

The decentralized ventilation system is a set that consists of several types of ventilation equipment, which helps to organize a full-fledged air exchange based on zone division. MAICO also specializes in the manufacturing of Push Pull 45 decentralized ventilation systems. This device is mounted in separate rooms. The main advantages of MAICO Push Pull 45 are small dimensions, compared with centralized installations, and the ability to install it after renovation works.
There are three variants for the basic models of the PP 45:

  • EC fan;
  • high-efficiency ceramic heat exchanger;
  • internal cover with the flaps;
  • two coarse filters (G2 and G3).

Moreover, it is important to mention that the device cannot fully function without the following additional components:

  • control panel (RLS 45 K, RLS 45 O or DS 45 RC radio switch). You can simultaneously connect several units to these panels for the most convenient control.

In addition, these ventilation controllers make possible customization of the operation modes;

  • PP 45 RHK shell sleeve with a length of 500mm. The sleeve is designed for all basic models;
  • external cover PP 45 AK is also suitable for every basic configuration. It is made of durable, reliable materials and serves to protect the device from water.

Sample spreadsheet of MAICO Push Pull 45

Specifications PP 45 K PP 45 O PP 45 RC
Air flow volume 15 m³/h / 20 m³/h / 30 m³/h / 36 m³/h / 42 m³/h 15 m³/h / 20 m³/h / 30 m³/h / 36 m³/h / 42 m³/h 15 m³/h / 20 m³/h / 30 m³/h / 36 m³/h / 42 m³/h
System type Decentralised Decentralised Decentralised
Housing material Synthetic material Synthetic material Synthetic material
Heat exchanger material Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic
Connection diameter 160 mm 160 mm 160 mm
Dimensions 246х 246х 329 246х 246х 329 246х 246х 329
Degree of heat provision with reference volumetric flow according to DIN EN 13141-8 84,3 % 84,3 % 84,3 %
Required room air control RLS 45 K / RLS 45 O RLS 45 O / RLS 45 K DS 45 RC или RLS 45 K с PP 45 EO
Sound pressure level 21 dB(A) / 25 dB(A) / 31 dB(A) / 35 dB(A) / 38 dB(A) 23 dB(A) / 28 dB(A) / 33 dB(A) / 37 dB(A) / 40 dB(A) 23 dB(A) / 28 dB(A) / 33 dB(A) / 37 dB(A) / 40 dB(A)

The implementation of a decentralized ventilation system is carried out using MAICO PP 45 unit paired with an exhaust fan Maico ER or Maico ECA ipro. The ventilation unit is installed in clean areas (bedrooms, living rooms, children’s rooms), and exhaust fans – in the bathrooms, toilets, storerooms and walk-in closets. For the most efficient air exchange and convenient control of work, all the equipment is connected to one control panel. When the fan is off, Push Pull carries out both supply and exhaust of the air, but while the fan is running, MAICO PP only operates on air inflow.

Decentralized ventilation devices are a great option for an apartment, as they are quite compact, easy to install and can be implemented even after renovation works.

Exhaust fans for bathrooms and toilets

The first products of the company MAICO were fans and nowadays they can present a variety of different series and models. Exhaust fans are popular equipment, as far as they are almost obligatory for every bathroom and toilet. This is due to increased humidity level and unpleasant odors that can occur in these areas. The most popular series that the brand produces are MAICO ER, MAICO ipro, MAICO AWB.


Exhaust fans MAICO ER

Fans from this series have the highest power, since using one device you can organize air exchange in two rooms at once. The motor of the fans is closed on both sides of the bearings; this contributes to the minimum electricity cost. Each case is equipped with the flow check valve which prevents the return thrust. For the most convenient operation, equipment can be supplied with additional options (humidity and movement sensors, timer, etc.). It should be noted that these devices can be used in rooms with high humidity levels. Installation is made in the wall or ceiling using special enclosures made of durable and reliable materials.
The devices are made in two sizes MAICO ER 60 and MAICO ER 100.
Sample spreadsheet of MAICO ER exhaust fans

Product article Model
MAICO ER 60 (100) VZ Time delay switch
MAICO ER 60 (100) VZC Adjustable time delay switch
MAICO ER 60 (100) F Light control
MAICO ER 60 (100) G Base load circuit
MAICO ER 60 (100) GVZ Base load and delay time circuit
MAICO ER 60 (100) H Humidity control
MAICO ER 60 (100) I Interval control
MAICO ER 60 (100) K Air damper with electric actuator
MAICO ER 60 (100) D Model with speed switch

Exhaust fans MAICO ECA ipro

This series of exhaust fans is characterized by a stylish design, for which the company was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. But the appearance is not the main advantage. Although it is designed in such way that the front panel protects the device from direct ingress of water into the case, also MAICO ECA ipro fans are double-speed and can be used in the following performance modes: 78 m³/h or 92 m³/h. You can mount the device both in the wall and on the ceiling. It is worth noting that the work of the exhaust fan is almost silent, the maximum sound level is 32 dB.

The devices are available in two sizes, 100 mm and 150 mm. In addition to the standard version, the fan can be equipped with additional options.

Sample spreadsheet of MAICO ECA ipro exhaust fans

Product article Model K Air damper with electric actuator VZC Adjustable start delay and overrun time H Humidity control and timer F Light control B Motion detector

Exhaust fans MAICO AWB

This series of domestic exhaust fans is the most affordable in the price segment. At the same time, the quality of equipment remains high and practically does not differ from more expensive analogues.
The fan casing is made of durable and reliable plastic that is resistant to the negative effects of the environment. The engine with ball bearings ensures long, trouble-free and quiet operation. A durable non-return valve prevents dirty air from entering the ventilation ducts back into the room, which ensures only fresh and clean air in the room. The front panel protects the device from water ingress and thus, the fan can be installed in the bathroom or shower.
The device is made in three sizes: 100 mm, 120 mm and 150 mm.

Sample spreadsheet of MAICO AWB exhaust fans

Product article Model C Standard model TC Time delay switch HC Humidity control

Among MAICO household exhaust fans, a client can choose the most suitable option for his house in all respects. Starting from the design and technical indicators and ending with the price category. The wide functional range is intended for the most comfortable operation. Thus, in the toilet the ideal option is a device with a built-in timer or a light sensor, and in the bathroom – a fan with a humidity sensor will do an excellent job.


For several decades, MAICO has already established itself as a reliable manufacturer of premium-class ventilating equipment. Among the products of the brand, you can find any devices designed for the ventilation system, ranging from domestic exhaust fans to centralized air handling units with heat recovery.

ventilation maico

Among the exhaust fans, MAICO ER, MAICO ECA ipro, MAICO AWB are the most popular series. They are characterized by high performance, minimal power consumption, low noise and stylish design.
Among the supply and exhaust ventilation units with heat recovery we recommend to pay attention to the MAICO WS 320 KB and MAICO WS 470 KB. They guarantee proper air exchange in the room with minimal energy consumption. The highly efficient heat exchanger guarantees maximum savings and unloading of the heating system during the winter period of time. Such device can be used both in private houses and apartments.

If you face a situation when the renovation works have already been completed, and the ventilation system has not yet been designed and installed, MAICO Push Pull 45 will be an ideal option. Small dimensions and easy installation allow implementation of ventilation devices even with full renovation completed. These devices work in conjunction with exhaust fans MAICO ER.
As a result, we see that with the company MAICO you can organize a ventilation system for any room and using the most suitable equipment.