Jablotron Living Technology is a Czech company designing and manufacturing climate control equipment. Jablotron is quality and modern approach to both technical content and visuals. Customer care is the first thing the company focuses on, because understanding the customer’s wishes is one of the main promotion factors.


The company’s slogan “We create complex devices that are easy to operate” embodies every product made by them. Compatibility with the smart home systems and control with the help of a phone with an open access for each family member are not a problem.


In its ventilation and air conditioning projects SOLOVEI Company uses Jablotron Futura L/M air handling units.



Futura – series presents heat recovery units, the work of which is aimed at supplying fresh air and extracting exhaust air from the premises. The advantages of this equipment include:


Effective premises ventilation carried out by means full-fledged air exchange in a house or an apartment with the air volume of 50 – 350 m3.


Filtration of supplied air is carried out using F7 filters and optionally a carbon filter. It is important to remember that the replacement of filters should be carried out strictly according to the schedule, if this factor is neglected, the equipment performance decreases and risk of failure appears.


Heat and humidity recovery – the enthalpy heat exchanger is designed taking into account new technologies, it does not include a preheater, since due to the constant change in the direction of air flows, the equipment does not freeze down to -19°C. And its efficiency is up to 92%.


By-pass – aimed at supplying cold air to the premises without letting it through the exchanger. It is most often used in the summer to achieve the most comfortable temperature conditions.


A post-heater is an element of comfort, necessary for heating the air supplied from outside, it is relevant in winter. It is turned on at the user’s request, provided in each default installation. You can determine the required heating power yourself using MyJablotron.


Variable air supply system (VAV-system) creates proper microclimate with maximum energy efficiency. Due to VAV valves, you can regulate the air supply to each room of the house / apartment according to the air quality (CO2 level).


Automation – regulates the device work, adjusting the air supply, as well as monitoring the condition of the equipment, including filters. Optionally, the unit can be combined with the smart house system, and the presence of a LAN module is provided for changing the scenarios of the equipment operation.


Controller with CO2 sensor detects and transmits information about indoor air quality. One Alfa controller is included in the basic configuration, but if necessary, you can add additional external regulators, sensors and controllers to the unit.


MyJablotron application – by installing the application on your gadget, you can easily control all the provided functions and modes, monitor the current state of the equipment, and also see all changes in the operation of devices or the air condition in the apartment/house.


Our company presents several modifications of Jablotron Futura heat recovery unit:


Futura L – designed for air exchange up to 350 m3.

Futura M – capable of providing ventilation up to 250 m3.

Centralized Jablotron system is capable of providing round-the-clock ventilation of the premises. To organize proper ventilation system using Jablotron Futura equipment, you first need to contact the design engineers. High-quality ventilation of a house or apartment, after all, implies a large amount of design work, to understand all the specifics of the proposed premises, as well as the customer’s requests.


In addition, a professional approach to design is able to minimize noise when the equipment is working.




The first option presupposes the calculation based on the number of permanent residents. A certain amount of incoming air is provided for each person in the house / apartment. According to the established standards, 36 m3/h is required for one person. Further, the calculation is projected on the room. For example, if, as a rule, there are 2 people in the bedroom, then the required air supply is 72 m3/h, 5 people eat in the dining room, which means that the fresh air supply is 180 m3/h. In this case, the VAV system is not used, and the calculated amount of air is supplied on a constant basis.


The second method is based on the air quality (CO2 level) calculation – in this case, the system is set to a certain level of CO2 level to which the unit should aim. If at some point the CO2 sensor detects a discrepancy, a trend of an increase in the level of CO2, then the unit starts working more actively to achieve the required rate.

Calculation by air quality (second option) is more energy-efficient approach, because by controlling the CO2 level, the intensified work is only switched on when it is necessary, not wasting additional energy. On a permanent basis, the unit operates at minimum speed.


Installation of air handling units can be carried out both in residential and technical premises. You should mind that installation of the air ducts requires lowering the ceilings (at least 120 mm, excluding drywall panels). After installation all the air ducts will be covered with drywall panels; for loft-style rooms, air ducts are often left open most.


You can implement ventilation on Jablotron equipment or buy a unit by contacting the specialists of SOLOVEI. We know how to make ventilation with high quality and according to all the standards. Working with us, you will receive a full report and understanding of all the work.


To order equipment, clarify prices or consult, please call 38 050 448 75 73. We are ready to make an appointment with our engineers and answer all your questions. We are waiting for your call!